Open AAF DM 8000 Release Image 22.02.2012

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Open AAF DM 8000 Release Image 22.02.2012

Mesaj   Bir Ptsi Mart 05, 2012 5:07 pm

Open AAF DM 8000 Release Image 22.02.2012

Quick Fix 02/22/2012
Quick Fix via online update from 22:02 et 10:00 clock, Vu from 11:00 clock, clock GB DM from 12:00 from 13:00 clock

- Update on Feed Airplayer 0.1.10, when, after the online update problems are usually ask again: opkg install python-misc
- Fix GS MerlinEPGCenter
- Fix GS advanced movie selection
- Dflash 2.6 now thanks to the good air feed to

OpenPLi update to 2.21 in the evening are also included

Info crashlog

is always at / home / root / logs!

otherwise you can change the location in the settings on USB device or HDD, depending what was just Connected

İNDİR ?09r70aovzrtbu14

Kayıt tarihi : 01/01/70

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